SX2 Series

Resistance Furnace (Muffle Furnace)

Resistance Furnace (Muffle Furnace)

Scope of application:
The products are widely applied in the chemical analysis and physical determination for labs in industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes, etc; sintering stoneware, porcelain and ceramics; high-temperature heat treatment for metal annealing, quenching and tempering.


1.Special door design, easy to operate to avoid the leakage of high temperature.
2.Micropocessore & PID controller, Accurate Controlled Temperature, safe and reliable
3. Anti-corrosion chamber with long life (Firebricks Chamber or Ceramic fiber Chamber)
4. Good door seal to minimum the loss of heat, increase the uniformity of temperature in chamber.
5. Programmable Controller,30priods, max timing setting for each period is 99 hours 59 minutes. ("P"series have it)
6. Can set several program to control the complicated test procedure, realize autorun.
7. Inner side of the door and chamber surface made of stainless-steel ("P"series have it)

1. Heat power will shut down when the door open.
2. Have security of over-temperature, over-current and over pressure to avoid the incident.
3 Use ceramic fiber as thermal Insulation Materials, the temperature on surface is low.


Resistance Furnace
( Firebrick Chamber)
1000 ºC (Super quality electric furnace heating wire)
Chamber Size(mm)
SX2-2.5-10N 220V/50Hz 200*120*80
SX2-4-10N 220V/50Hz 300*200*120
SX2-8-10N 3 Phase/380V 400*250*160
SX2-10-10N 3 Phase/380V 300*200*300
SX2-12-10N 3 Phase/380V 500*300*200
SX2-18-10N 3 Phase/380V 500*500*800
1200 ºC (Nichrome wire ) Sx2-2.5-12N 220V/50Hz 200*120*80
SX2-5-12N 3 Phase/380V 300*200*120
SX2-10-12N 3 Phase/380V 400*250*160
1300 ºC (Silicon-carbon rod ) SX2-4-13N 220V/50Hz 250*150*100
SX2-6-13N 3 Phase/380V 400*200*160
SX2-8-13N 3 Phase/380V 500*200*180
1600 ºC (Silicon-molybdenum rod ) Sx2-8-16N 3 Phase/380V 300*150*120
Sx2-12-16N 3 Phase/380V 400*200*160
30-period Programmable controller For
Resistance Furnace (Firebrick Chamber) is optional
Resistance Furnace
(Ceramic fiber Chamber )
1000 ºC (Super quality electric furnace heating wire) Sx2-2.5-10T 220V/50Hz 200*120*80
Sx2-4-10T 220V/50Hz 300*200*120
Sx2-8-10T 3 Phase/380V 400*250*160
SX2-12-10T 3 Phase/380V 500*300*200
1300 ºC(Silicon-carbon rod ) SX2-4-13T 3 Phase/380V 250*150*100
SX2-6-13T 3 Phase/380V 400*200*160
SX2-8-13T 3 Phase/380V 500*200*180
SX2-8-16TP 3 Phase/380V 300*150*120
1600 ºC(Silicon-molybdenum rod ) SX2-12-16TP 3 Phase/380V 400*200*160
SX2-18-16TP 3 Phase/380V 500*200*180
SX2-4-17TP 3 Phase/380V 160*150*150
1700 ºC(Silicon-molybdenum rod ) SX2-6-17TP 3 Phase/380V 250*150*150
SX2-8-17TP 3 Phase/380V 300*150*120

1. Programmable controller
2. test port
3. Data Recorder

Resistance of furnaces
* G-series hearth: It adopts traditional refractory material and features wide application, high performance-price ratio, long service life, etc.
* T-series hearth (ceramic fiber): 
It adopts high-density ceramic fiber, an emerging modern refractory material, featuring light weight, rapid temperature rise, time saving, etc, to satisfy the requirements on rapid sintering under various conditions. It is the optimal substitute for traditional hearth.

"G" : Firebricks Chamber "T": Ceramic fiber Chamber "P": Programmable
Remark:30-period Programmable con