Horizontal Electrophoresis

The JY-SPCT is ideal for restriction fragment analysis, sample prep or checking of high numbers of samples.  It is also excellent for nucleic acid purification and preparation.

The JY-SPCT offers a wide degree of versatility. Four tray options are available - 120×120mm,120×60mm,60×120mmand 60×60mm, from the mini-size to the medium-size, which meet most needs.
Gel Size:60*60mm; 120*60mm; 60*120mm 120*120mm.
Sample Volume: 3, 6, 8, 11, 13, 18, 25.
Buffer Volume:550ml.
Most can be performed simultaneously in 100 samples to electrophoresis.
The trays have the sample adding background color.
Special construction effectively prevents tray drift.
All trays have handles.
With the level adjustment.
Abundant buffer not only guarantees cooling effects, but also keeps the pH value stable during the whole experimental process.
Unfolded electrodes make repair and parts replacement easy and quick.
The transparent top lid effectively prevents the liquid in the cell from volatilizing and avoids electricity leakage.
Auto-switch-off when the lid is removed.